Source-code distribution

The source-code tarball is the main, authoritative distribution of gAlan. The latest versions will always be released first as a source-code tarball.

For compiling on Win32, you will need other packages, too. See the file README.w32 in the source distribution for details. (The other packages come to about 2 MB if you already have a recent enough gcc for Win32, and about 9 MB if you don't.) There are some links to some of the packages you will need here.

You can download the latest stable version with this link. (You may have to use your browser's "Save Link As..." feature.) But galan-0.2.14 is included in all major distros. so you wont need to download and build the sources.

The gtk+2 and threaded branch is moving to beta stage now. There are sitting some bugs in it waiting to get discovered by YOU. Because i had to change the whole execution model for the jack-audio-connection-kit there still some changes i have forgotten.

This means, that its rather stable and i only use galan-0.3. never step back !!!

  • gAlan 0.3.0_beta7 : HTTP
  • gAlan 0.3.0_beta5 : HTTP
  • gAlan 0.3.0_beta1 : HTTP
  • gAlan 0.3.0_alpha1 : HTTP
  • gAlan 0.3.0-test3 : HTTP
  • gAlan 0.3.0-test2 : HTTP
  • gAlan 0.3.0-test1 : HTTP

  • gAlan 0.2.14 : HTTP
  • gAlan 0.2.13 : HTTP
  • gAlan 0.2.12 ( [an error occurred while processing this directive]): HTTP
  • gAlan 0.2.11 ( [an error occurred while processing this directive]): HTTP
  • gAlan 0.2.10 ( [an error occurred while processing this directive]): HTTP
  • gAlan 0.2.9 ( [an error occurred while processing this directive]): HTTP
  • gAlan 0.2.8 ( [an error occurred while processing this directive]): HTTP
  • gAlan 0.2.2 ( 386K): HTTP
  • gAlan 0.2.1 ( 382K): HTTP
  • gAlan 0.2.0 ( 358K): HTTP

CVS Repository

If you want to have the bleeding-edge version of galan, check out the galan module from the cvs At the time of this writing control-grouping is already included which is necessary to build a sheet library. I hope to get contributions from the community for this library.

Binary distributions

Note that until the code settles down, the binary distributions will not be kept up-to-date as frequently as the source-code distributions. The best thing to do is to get the latest sourcecode and compile your own. It shouldn't be any more difficult than using a binary distribution, and in some cases may be easier.

For the Win32 binary distributions, you can choose to download gAlan either with or without the glib and gtk+ DLLs that are needed to run the application. The only reason you'd download gAlan without the DLLs is if you already have them installed - this may be the case if you are using the development version of the Gimp on Win32, or if you've previously installed the glib/gtk+ libraries for another project. In case you make a mistake, I've also included the DLLs downloadable as a separate file.

Unpack the Win32 binary distributions into C:\Program Files\gAlan. That's where they want to be - the SITE_PKGLIB_DIR path is set to that. If you put them somewhere else and no plugins are available when you look at the 'New' popup-menu, then that's what's gone wrong.

Linux binary distributions:

  • gAlan 0.2.14 is available in debian unstable
  • gAlan 0.2.9, debian package: HTTP
  • gAlan 0.2.2, RedHat 6.0 (glibc2.1, 365k): HTTP

Win32 binary distributions: (NOTE: gAlan 0.2.2 does not run properly on Windows! This is explained in further detail below.)

  • gAlan 0.2.1, Win32 (with glib/gtk+ DLLs, 1096k): HTTP
  • gAlan 0.2.1, Win32 (without glib/gtk+ DLLs, 404k): HTTP
  • glib/gtk+ 1.3, Win32 DLLs (685k): HTTP

Problems with Win32

Currently I'm having trouble getting all the DLLs to load properly on Win32. I have run out of ideas as to what might be going wrong. Is it a compiler bug? Is it yet another flaw in the core operating system of Windows 95? Have I made some subtle, almost invisible mistake somewhere?

The upshot of all this is that there's no precompiled binary of the latest versions of gAlan for Win32. If anyone would like to try compiling and running gAlan on Win32, please let me know how you get on! I only have access to one Windows development/test system, so any data-points anyone can provide would be helpful.

The text of an email I sent describing the problem in detail to Mumit Khan on the off-chance that he could help is here. It really is a frustrating and baffling problem - if you've got time, please take a look. Many minds make light debugging.

Sample files to use with gAlan

If you want to build drum-machines with gAlan, you'll need some sample files to form a drum kit. (Note that the samples must be in 16-bit mono format, in any file format that libaudiofile supports. You can use SoX to convert between different file formats easily.)

gAlan includes a few (not-very-high quality) samples with the example files.

  • Samples nicked from Freebirth 0.3.1: HTTP

Take a look at the "links to samples" section of the links page, too.