Example gAlan files

When the code has settled down a little, I hope to collect a few examples of gAlan in use to display here. Anyone who has anything they'd like to submit, saved setups or sound samples, please feel free to pass it on to me!

If you're not of a mind to download the program (there are currently some example files, including samples, in the doc/examples directory in the main distribution) then you might like to take a look at the screenshots page, which shows a selection of versions of gAlan in action.

Files generated during testing

In the course of testing the program, I have to make it make some noise. Here are a couple of files that I recorded from some of the test files I've used, on the principle that any sound files are better than none :-) (however, please don't judge the program by the incompetency of the musician playing it! These sound files are demos only - they're not pretending to be music you'd actually want to listen to.)

  • rubbish.mp3, ~72sec @ 160kbps (1407k): HTTP
  • simple-020-loop.mp3, ~7sec @ 160kbps (151k): HTTP

(For each one, I recorded the output of a gAlan session with a pcm_out plugin and then converted to MP3 with bladeenc.)

And here are the sounds torbenh generated during the test phases:

  • groupi01.ogg ~7:38min @ 128kbps (5.8M): HTTP
  • groupi02.ogg ~9:52min @ 128kbps (5.4M): HTTP
  • hall-0.ogg ~0:46min @ 128kbps (400k): HTTP

( groupi*.ogg are a recorded galan session controlled with a joypad. hall-0 is made using galan-0.3.0-test3 (cvs) and ardour recording several tracks processed with galan )

Here is one small track which was made using hydrogen cvs, galan-0.3.0-alpha1, and ardour Thanks to the jack transport synchronisation it could be recorded step by step into ardour. And i have reactivated my PSX pad. So you can expect some filter actions as in the groupie tracks.

  • smooth.ogg ~1:00min @ 128kbps (721k): HTTP

For this track i extended the drumbank from the sheet library and routed every drum to a jack port. I also added some filter to 2 drums, which can not be done using hydrogen. And i tried to sing. Even the reverb applied to my voice cant help it :)

  • wosindwir.ogg ~3:00min @ 128kbps (1.8M): HTTP

I have built a vocoder. it still needs a little tuning. here is some sample output:

  • ~3sec @ 128kbps (35K) HTTP