This page contains links to sites that I found useful while developing gAlan, and pages relevant to electronic music in general, especially open-source or free tools. If you've got a link you think might be relevant, please send it to me.

I'd be especially interested in links to sites making available for free download quality drum-samples (or other useful samples), and any sites to do with psychoacoustic theory or digital signal processing.

noizefarm is a site for sharing patches.

Related Projects

Dave Phillips' comprehensive Linux sound/MIDI software index links to many interesting packages and resources - it's a good place to start looking.

Many of the following projects are GPLed.

  • Generator (commercial, for Windows) - a program very similar to mine :-)

  • Freebirth - Topher Lafata and Jake Donham's bass-synth/sample-player/sequencer for Linux (GTK).
  • gsynth - a modular synthesiser/tracker for Linux (GTK).
  • TerminatorX - a sample-scratcher for Linux (GTK).
  • Vellocet VS1 - a virtual modular synth for Windows.
  • aRts - a program that I discovered on Sep 1, which is very similar to mine, but older (and therefore more mature) and prettier. (Linux, Qt)
  • AUBE - yet another established program similar to mine, from Conrad Parker. (Linux, GTK)
  • freeLoop - a loop-creator for Linux (OSS, ESD, console). This site also has links to some other Linux-based electronic-music software.
  • A review of AudioArchitect (commercial) for Windows. (Not very complimentary...)
  • The Analogue Synthesizer Emulator Information Page - an information page covering many, many packages, mostly for Windows, and mostly commercial.
  • RhythmLab - a composition and visualisation tool for polyrhythms (Linux, GTK). Has some links to interesting places.
  • StompBoxes - Hector Urtubia's guitar effects units for Linux (GTK).

DSP links

GTK+ toolkit links, Win32 links

Audio file format links

  • Michael Pruett's audiofile library - a portable, flexible library for reading and writing digital sound files
  • Erik de Castro Lopo's libsndfile library - a similar project to audiofile

Links to samples

  • Freebirth has some samples in it (and I've used these extensively in testing my program!).

These links were found on the homepage for RhythmLab: